A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

Give her a break eh?


For nearly two years now, my little cousin, friend and confidante has been at the mercy of the planning department.   She has a dream, a dream to live her life in the countryside in a tastefully designed house that will be unobtrusive and blend in beautifully with her surroundings near Culbokie.   She wants to run a business with free range hens.   Anyone would think she was asking for the moon.  She's not about to throw up some monstrosity or to use the royal language some carbuncle that will be an eyesore, she just wants a home.

So why is she still being messed around by people with clip boards and their heads stuffed full of pathetic rules?   That is a very big question.  Why indeed?

So come on planners,

 for God's sake give her a flippin' break!!


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