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Dogs and photography

Posted on October 27, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I came across this little chap on my travels today.   A very handsome boy, he is owned by Simone Falcone who owns the Denholm Meet a delightful Italian Restaurant in the heart of the village of Denholm.   As it is one of my favourite haunts I am sure I will see a lot more of this young Akita.   As usual I was supposed to be taking snaps of the colourful trees etc. but this little chap was too much to resist.


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You can say what you like, but there's nothing quite like getting a letter in your mailbox.   so much nicer than an email.

Today I got two pleasant items, one was photos of my grandchildren in Norway, really lovely photos.  the other a card with two chocolate labs on the front from my youngest daughter.  Just a card to say hello as she was dashing off to London on the train.

Nice to know that you are thought about.

Went with a good friend who is just out of hospital to get her grocery provisions.  An exhausting task at the best of times and just felt she needed a bit of moral support.

Caught the last( I hope) of the mice that have been invading my space and obviously my bird seed stocks judging by the little store I found in the sofa.  I never use the sofa so they had obviously decided it was as cosy a place as any.

There is something beautiful about this time of the year; the pinkness at dusk, the frosty sharpness.   this is a photo of this time two years ago at Nairn Harbour.   A place that holds many of my secrets.

A glimpse of sunshine .

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Thursday is the longest day on the van.  It's usually after 5p.m. before I get back to base and then I need to mop out, test my alarm etc.

I had no customers at Fountainhall today which happens quite regularly at this particular site on a Thursday.   Oxton was better with several regulars and the school secretary round with the dinner money to bank.

I opt to snatch my lunch later when I am between sites i.e. 2.00- 2.30ish and have my special layby to stop in.

Heriot is the nicest place to stop at the end of my week, (don't do Fridays)because I have a lovely customer here who brings coffee and food.   A lady full of character and a talented artist who used to teach and still does a pensioners class although she is in her 7os.

She is a delight.   She also lets me use her loo so is a total Godsend.

We have many laughs together. 'Ralda I salute you.

Today's snap shows the unsettled weather but a slight sign of brightness.  But by the time I was leaving Heriot it was teaming down.

I also need to have a wee rant about people on their mobile phones.

A car is a lethal weapon

A bit like a smoking gun

No time to lose concentration,

That applies to everyone

Don't think that your driving is better,

switch the phone off until you arrive

at your specified destination,

that way we'll all stay alive.

(Patsy Goodsir, 25th October 2012)


Kick starting the muse

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In an effort to reawaken my writing I am promising myself to at least do a blog entry daily (ish).

Colours up Ettrick yesterday were wonderful, so when my stint was finished there I stopped before the bridge and got out to take a snap or two.   Lots of water still lying on the roads.  things need to dry up a bit.

Next stop was Bowden, again such a pretty little village at the foot of the Eildon Hills.

Last stop bonchester Bridege, where one of my customers sits in her jeep from 2.30p.m waiting for me.   She is often joined by another local worthy .   The driver of jeep is 94!!   I am not due at that destination til 3.45 but usually arrive early to let the lady in question get away.

I had to chuckle when another lady, a very talented artist drew up, got out and waltzed on to the van totally oblivious to the two old dears waiting patiently.   To say they weren't amused is perhaps an understatement. Oh Dear.

 My wrists are hurting like hell just now so have mastered the art of lifting and lowering the tailgate using my forearm and elbow, plus knee.   How I wish I could afford to retire and just get out with my camera and write a lot.  One day maybe...

Wetter and wetter

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Forgot to snap while I was out but came home to these three things that have dangled on the line for days.   Refuse to take them in til they are dry;).  That could be next year.   For the domestic goddesses amongst us, yes the towel is cream and not a dismal advert for (she needs to use Daz).  The empty bench, rarely got sat on this summer, due to the lack of bench sitting weather, but the colours in the garden are pretty.

The renegade mouse continues to outwit me, but little does he know a major investment will take place this weekend, so enjoy your last few days you little perisher.

 I found myself tutting out loud this morning at the length of skirts the girls are wearing as they walk up to Selkirk High School. I pass them four mornings a week and most are wearing little more than a pelmet.  Im a sixties child, and wore many a mini skirt, but really can't remember ever wearing them as short as that to school.   Really feel there should be some dress code laid down.

Have started taking my knitting, yes knitting with me for quieter moments on the van, as Ihave several orders for socks and gloves I really need to get done. Don't buy newspapers anymore, far too expensive.

Still thinking abour Ayrton Senna today, after watching the film last night. Such a lovely man. Such a tragic loss. And such a talent.


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Yet again, I'm procrastinating.   I have several things I want to write but just can't get settled to it, so I've glimpsed through Facebook and fiddled around . (haven't been to Scrabble...yet).

Perseverance?  Now there's a word all writers know.    So many distractions (mine is a cock pheasant and his wife) and not enough time.   By the time I finish work I'm too tired (being tired is one thing but actually falling off the seat is another ) so weekends is when to attempt to get something on to paper, but it is also the time that other things happen.

I have a poem I would like to post on here but then it gets classed as published so it can't go in a competition.   All a bit tedious.

Back to perseverance.   I recently watched a female blackbird.   She was trying to eat from the fat ball feeder that dangles on my window but unlike the little birds she was finding it so hard.   She kept flapping her way over, trying to grip and then falling off.  Over and over again she tried and tried, I felt quite upset for her, but FINALLY she made it.  I wanted to clap out loud.   She just didn't give up.   So there's a moral in there somewhere.

Perseverance is a word that is known to many writers at the stage of submitting manuscripts.   the list of famous writers turned down over and over again is frightening, but something made them keep going !!   And finally the reward is theirs.

Perseverance has been apparent at Wimbledon this week also.   Who would have imagined that Rafael Nadal would fall to the almost unknown Rosol, but that guy got his tail up and just kept on.  You could virtually read his mind.  "I can do this."   And he did!!

And the lovely Roger Federer, 2 sets down battled back against Bennetau.   All great examples.

This lovely cow I have uploaded has little to do with perseverance apart form the fact that I had driven by (where I used to live) and decided she was so nice I would have to park up, walk back and say hello.   It was one of the rare sunny days we've had and she was sitting in the shade.   She got up when she saw me coming which was a shame.  But she is a pretty girl, worthy of a photograph.


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This was actually written on a bad day last year but I'm procrastinating from writing an article and I enjoyed re-reading this today. (on a good day)

ON A BAD DAY    (I have good days too).

I wonder why I thought anopen fire was so appealing.    Shovellingcoal from a coal bunker my wrists feel like they are having a disco, thumping,pounding.   Hauling the 20 kilo plasticbag of Hotmax  across the gravel seemslike dragging a grizzly bear.   Anynotion of flinging it (Hotmax, not grizzly bear) up to my shoulder is longgone.   Improvisation comes into play,with scissors and the log basket.   Twohandles sure as hell help, when your fingers are swollen and you just can’tgrip anything with confidence.  Half abag becomes easier to handle.  Don’t careif it looks bad, I put it just behind the door in the hallway.   If it stays outside and gets wet, the“Hotmax” disintegrates to something similar to stodgy porridge.   Logs would be good, but the logger just tipsthe trailer and drives off.  Stackingisn’t a problem but splitting them is, on a bad day.  A husband seems like a good idea but I’ve hadtwo of them and still ended up splitting the logs.  

The fire heats the waterfrom a back boiler.   I could use theimmersion heater but then my bills would spiral.   I could also flick the switch and turn onthe electric radiator but again, it’s too expensive to think about and I hatethe dry heat that comes with electricity. 

I had planned on swimmingthis morning before starting work this afternoon, but know how painful thatwould turn out to be with every stroke.  So I’ve swallowed some anti-inflammatory pills and heated the lavenderbag to wrap round the area of most pain.  

At least I can still type onthe laptop; my wrists can rest on the front facing.  

The wind is rising, whiskingthe fir trees and silver birch that rumba outside my window as tiny birds clingto the fat balls .   The current littlefella looks so cute, delicate claws, yellow breast and that sinister black maskacross his eyes.

I’ll tie my hair back,because even brushing hair becomes an ordeal on a bad day.   My right ear itches yet it’s easier toscratch using my left hand.   Evenfastening my trousers hurts like hell.  Anything that involves slight pressure becomes a challenge.  Today’s battles have included the insideplastic ring pull on the olive oil and the top of the milk bottle.   Trying to avoid polka dotted clothes becomesan art.   Assume the position of a bearhug and pull gently.  There! I’ve won!

This afternoon I’ll pick upthe van that serves as a mobile post office, drive it to its destination andstruggle with the rear doors before climbing out and lowering the rear tailgateby hand.

I’ll turn and face thepublic with a smile and ask them how they are as I listen to their comments onthe weather and their aches and pains. Strange, but the ones who wear pain, rarely complain; their couragewarms my heart.

Once they’ve all gone I haulup the tailgate, defying the hot irons shooting up my arms.   Working day over.   Tomorrow will be better.





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I suppose I am luckier than most.   Live in an area where traffic is minimal and such things as beautiful sunsets are commonplace.

I don't often see a junkie waiting for his next fix or expect to witness drive by shootings which are becoming a regular event in some cities.

What I do see is beauty all around.

It's in the lichen clad branches

And the yellow gorse

And for the romantics among us there is always the beautiful sunset.

All such simple, natural sights, that cost nothing and yet so many are blind and simply do not see.

Nature is wonderful.   Embrace it.

Where did summer go?

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The heather is out, the lambs are all as big as their mothers.   Kelso tup Sale this Friday.

Really hope it stays fair for them.   All that work should be rewarded with the sun on everyone's back.

A real storm kicked off today.  Thunder, lightning, the lot.

Ive even more photographs of the blackies up around Muircleugh.   Such a lovely spot.

Summer has pulled up the duvet and rolled over, autumn is here with it's first biting wind and glorious colours. Heading to the Highlands this weekend so should get some great snaps en route.  Watch this space.  Meantime here's some more sheep.

I hate Computers!!

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Well not so much the computer as the will it wont it work scenario.   

Most important thing to work when out on the van is the online services.   Today I had that worst of all thingy, "an intermittent fault."   In other words for most of the day my online services were down.  Which meant that I was unable to my job properly.   Being told by the help desk that a lot of problems had arisen throughout the country today didn't really make me feel any better.   Sure Jack Bauer never had this problem with his satellite.

Maybe I should join CTU.  Any chance of a job Jack?    Oh bugger forgot the series is all finito isn't it?

Wish I could not work and just watch Wimbledon.   Wonder how England will do at the footie.  wont be watching, absolutely loathe the game and all the hype that goes with it.

But Scottish rugby is fairly flying the flag right now.  Well done boys:)