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Beautiful Poppy

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Bad Driving

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I drive a lot.   Most of it from an LDV Mobile Post Office van (with no air con, who would design such a thing?)

Some weeks what I see on the roads has my hair standing on end.  this week has been such a week.   I've seen a tanker overtaking an artic on the brow of a hill.  Anyone coming the other way would have been killed instantly.  

Today I saw an artic so close to a double decker bus it's a wonder they didn't touch.  it's total intimidation.   What happens to people when they get behind a wheel?

I've seen cars causing a total obstruction when they've been a few yards from a safe, off the road parking spot.  I've also found myself really hoping that a traffic car was lurking as I watched one wide-o overtake on solid double lines.

Even tonight at the junction near the Melrose Hydro I witnessed one female who had crossed to the middle only to start fiddling with her sunglasses thus causing a hold up while she sorted herself out.

Maybe it's the heat.

Sheep !!

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I've just uploaded a lovely photograph I took today while on my rounds with the Mobile Post Office.   The drive across the moor between Stow and Lauder is truly beautiful and I snapped this little lot all vying for shelter under a rather naked tree.  Quite sure the ewes are counting the days until their fleeces are removed but the lambs all looked like they were really feeling the heat too.  It's been very humid.  I have no air con so have felt like I am cooking in a biscuit tin.    Everything coming to life but some fields still extremely bare.

Lots of police activity at the bottom of Soutra whatever was going down.  Kept to my statutory 50m.p.h. even though the whole world of white van man keeps on sailing by, every one of them breaking the law, everyone driving as though it was their last day.  It's all crazy.


What is it about sheep?

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Big Knickers? Not!!

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So the press are waffling about women over 40 wearing fancy lingerie.   So?  Do they think that once we get past 40 that our minds and bodies suddenly fall into big pants up to our ears mode.

I have never worn boring underwear in my life, so why should it change now?  Just don't understand the logic of that one.

I need to get motivated, start writing again.  Just feel knackered when i get in from work.

Today was particularly stressful with all sorts of technical glitches.  No doubt I will get the flak tomorrow at one particular venue I didn't get to today.

ye Gods there has to be more to life than mumping doesn't there.

Lots of bonnie wee blackie lambs on the road between Stow and Lauder today.   There is nothing bonnier than a blackie lamb sitting in the heather.

Shed a silly tear for a baby rabbit today, watched it try to scuttle across the road quite near Denholm today, only to get squashed underneath a van.  Poor little mite.:)

I know bunnies get classed as vermin but my goodness they are so pretty.

Nearly Spring time

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It's a bit like the lull after the storm.   The packages have stopped landing in their droves, the mountains of cards have disappeared and I can put my tape measure back in my pocket.  Yes tape measure.  It's all these rules about lengths and breadths etc.

And people still get caught out with the large letter carry on.  If it doesn't fit through the magic slot (and any card that has a badge rarely does) then it's large letter.

Threats of the return of the white stuff are lingering in the air this evening, but with a bit of luck we will miss it.

Since I started on this round with the mobile outreach service two of my customers have lost their wives and another has just had their wee doggie put to sleep.

I used to see the latter every morning walking by with their little friend tottering up behind them.   It is so strange to see them without her.   Losing a beloved pet is so painful.   It's the little routine they create with walkies, din dins and anything else they think they can get away with .

I had to chuckle today when on a day off I heard the icecream van playing a very loud jingle and my neighbour's dog yowling and yapping along with it.  Go Hamish Go!!

I just pray that when I get up tomorrow morning the roads are black and not white.   Most of the roads I am driving on are B roads and most definitely not for the faint hearted.

Tomorrow is one of my days for being spoilt by a very nice lady who brings me coffee and a bacon roll.   Such amazing kindness and a real character too.   It's people like her that make the world a better place.

She is an artist and I just love her paintings.  I really wish I could paint, but I have to make do with photography.   Wielding a paintbrush is something I love to do but the end result is only for my eyes.

The waft of roast chicken is filling my nostrils as I organise my meals for the week.

There is nothing worse than arriving home, tired and brain dead from making polite conversation with punters all day  and then having to decide what you are going to eat.

I can tell you right now that tomorrow night I will be having Cream of Broccoli soup, followed by more roast chicken, roast potatoes and some veg.  Tuesday will see what's left flung in a curry and the carcase put into another pan for soup.

Organised eh?

That's moi!! (sometimes).

Which reminds me I must post the books I bought today out to my Norwegian grand bairns.   Books over there are very expensive.   These ones all look like great fun, with lots of stickers.   No excuse about not getting to the post office.  It's more about escaping the post office!:wink:

The ewes that I meet on my travels are now getting closer to their happy events.   When the salt is on the road the silly things all stand there licking it totally oblivious to the traffic.   thankfully heading over this moor most motorists are aware of their penchant for licking the white line!!   Not long now til wee lambies are skipping round about them learning all mum's bad habits.

Snowed In

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That's been the story all week.

Work has been a nightmare.   ON Monday the van wouldn't start so an engineer was called.   He got it going but no one has solved the mystery of what is draining the battery in the first place, so the problem is still there.   By the time the van was fixed I could only make it to my last port of call for a Monday which is Oxton near Lauder.   Driving condtions were poor but we made it.

Sadly the rest of the week was a no no.  It snowed and then the boss coudln't get the van up the hill because it was not gritted.  Even if she had got it out, she would never have got it home again.   it cannot go anywhere else because it needs plugging into the special cables to power all the equipment.   The boxes for these cables are on the side of the boss's house.

My other job is a couple of miles on the other side of the village and I have been unable to get there.   My  car is buried under a mound of snow and would merely slide everywhere even if I could get it out.  Add to that the fact that I stood on my pins all day on Tuesday helping out in the village post office and my ankle was throbbing and you have a hopeless situation for doing anything which again requires you to be on your feet all day.

So it has been a very non productive week.   Worse still, the snow is still lying.  So I am not over optimistic about getting the van out next week.

My kitchen cupboards have been tidied, needlepoint finished, socks ripped out and getting re-knitted.  All the things that would normally have to wait.

I have also managed a Haiku with accompanying photograph to Ink, Sweat and Tears but just can't quite bully myself into a short story.   I need to write several and get myself motivated.

Bread is even baking in the oven.  Such domesticity.

What fascinates me is the way everyone is panicking around as if they have been under siege for 6 months instead of about 4 days.   I keep getting asked if I am alright.

Why wouldn't I be?

I used to live in the middle of nowhere with four little girls and an army of animals to feed.  I shopped roughly once a fortnight.  That's how it is in the country.   We don't dart to shops every day.  Apart from that there is a good butcher and a shop in the village so why the panic to drive to Hawick to give your money to supermarkets who want to kill off all the small businesses.   And if you forget your purse do you think they are going to say, "nae bother, just hand it in next time you're passing,"    Support the private shopkeeper.   Let my father lie easy in his grave.

I rest my case.


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Oh what a day!!

I suspect there's a competition going on out there as to who can produce the biggest, most awkward parcel that is going to occupy half the space in the mobile post office.

 It's those carrier bags that are like Pandora's box that have me nearly quaking in my shoes; when the bag seems to have no bottom and the parcels just keep on coming.

And there's the comments like "I wouldn't have dared take this to -------------post office" they would have just given me a filthy look." 

While I am thinking ah yes, so it's alright to bring this mountain to me, knowing I am only here for about an hour.   sod all the other poor souls waiting behind you then madam/sir!!

At least going to a normal post office it's there all day which gives people the option of coming back.

It never fails to amaze me how selfish people can be.

And then joy of joy online services crashes today.   An ongoing "national" problem I was informed.  Oh yeah, try telling that to irate punters.


Seasons greetings indeed.  

Christmas Hysteria

Posted on November 30, 2009 at 3:29 PM Comments comments (2)

30th November, St. Andrew's Day

And what a lovely day after all that wind and rain.   Drove back from Dunbar in a monsoon yesterday, so this morning was a pleasant surprise, even if I had a late start with the van not starting!!  Made up time on the drive over to my first stop at Clovenfords and ended up only about 5 minutes late.   Driving over the hill at Bowland and then again over to the Lauder side from Stow was quite breathtaking today.   On top of the hill at Muirhcleuch you can see for miles and miles.

That feeling of almost panic is in the air with everyone as December 1st approaches.  Stamps are suddenly flying out the door, parcels are appearing.   I need to get a move on and get my cards made.  I simply need to pick a photograph from the hundreds I have taken and reproduce it several times.

I am pretty lucky really,   all my customers with perhaps one exception, are lovely.  

Some have lived in these little villages all their life, others have come from the south.  Either way, they all greet me with a smile.   There's just one who seems to take great delight and picking fault, moaning, and generally stirring wherever he goes.  But I don't take it personally.  I hear he's like that with absolutely everyone.   What makes people behave in such a way?   And what pleasure does it give them?  Who knows?  Who cares?


Posted on November 18, 2009 at 6:57 PM Comments comments (4)

Well, that's what they call me, but I am not a postman.  I take the post office services to several small villages that have lost their post offices.

I meet lots of interesting (and sometimes annoying) people along the way.   Keep an eye on these pages for regular updates.   Certainly hope the weather calms down before tomorrow or things could get quite dodgey.