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Posted on July 1, 2012 at 5:25 AM

Yet again, I'm procrastinating.   I have several things I want to write but just can't get settled to it, so I've glimpsed through Facebook and fiddled around . (haven't been to Scrabble...yet).

Perseverance?  Now there's a word all writers know.    So many distractions (mine is a cock pheasant and his wife) and not enough time.   By the time I finish work I'm too tired (being tired is one thing but actually falling off the seat is another ) so weekends is when to attempt to get something on to paper, but it is also the time that other things happen.

I have a poem I would like to post on here but then it gets classed as published so it can't go in a competition.   All a bit tedious.

Back to perseverance.   I recently watched a female blackbird.   She was trying to eat from the fat ball feeder that dangles on my window but unlike the little birds she was finding it so hard.   She kept flapping her way over, trying to grip and then falling off.  Over and over again she tried and tried, I felt quite upset for her, but FINALLY she made it.  I wanted to clap out loud.   She just didn't give up.   So there's a moral in there somewhere.

Perseverance is a word that is known to many writers at the stage of submitting manuscripts.   the list of famous writers turned down over and over again is frightening, but something made them keep going !!   And finally the reward is theirs.

Perseverance has been apparent at Wimbledon this week also.   Who would have imagined that Rafael Nadal would fall to the almost unknown Rosol, but that guy got his tail up and just kept on.  You could virtually read his mind.  "I can do this."   And he did!!

And the lovely Roger Federer, 2 sets down battled back against Bennetau.   All great examples.

This lovely cow I have uploaded has little to do with perseverance apart form the fact that I had driven by (where I used to live) and decided she was so nice I would have to park up, walk back and say hello.   It was one of the rare sunny days we've had and she was sitting in the shade.   She got up when she saw me coming which was a shame.  But she is a pretty girl, worthy of a photograph.

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