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Wetter and wetter

Posted on October 24, 2012 at 3:20 PM

Forgot to snap while I was out but came home to these three things that have dangled on the line for days.   Refuse to take them in til they are dry;).  That could be next year.   For the domestic goddesses amongst us, yes the towel is cream and not a dismal advert for (she needs to use Daz).  The empty bench, rarely got sat on this summer, due to the lack of bench sitting weather, but the colours in the garden are pretty.

The renegade mouse continues to outwit me, but little does he know a major investment will take place this weekend, so enjoy your last few days you little perisher.

 I found myself tutting out loud this morning at the length of skirts the girls are wearing as they walk up to Selkirk High School. I pass them four mornings a week and most are wearing little more than a pelmet.  Im a sixties child, and wore many a mini skirt, but really can't remember ever wearing them as short as that to school.   Really feel there should be some dress code laid down.

Have started taking my knitting, yes knitting with me for quieter moments on the van, as Ihave several orders for socks and gloves I really need to get done. Don't buy newspapers anymore, far too expensive.

Still thinking abour Ayrton Senna today, after watching the film last night. Such a lovely man. Such a tragic loss. And such a talent.

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