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Posted on October 4, 2014 at 11:15 AM

Well that'll teach me.   I posted photographs and rattled on a bit but at the end I pressed "Done" instead of publish and everything vanished except Bow Fiddle, so we'll start again.

September has been a lovely month with a referendum flung in half way through.   I wont dwell on the referendum, suffice to say thank God it's over and common sense prevailed. 

There's been all sorts of things going on, unexploded mine found in a trawlerman's nets just to mention one.  That brought out the bomb disposal unit adding a bit of excitement to my normal stroll to the end of the pier.   And there was me thinking it was just a bunch of lads out on a jolly.   It was all dealt with swiftly and without any problems.  The skipper had the sense to photograph the mine and send the result through his phone so the bomb unit knew exactly what they were dealing with.  Well done that skipper.

I also had a very pleasant visit from my youngest daughter who treated her sister and me to a dolphin spotting boat trip.   The results were fabulous, it really was a fabulous day.   We were all dog tired after being up watching the results of the referendum roll in but this soon brought us all back to life.

The sunsets and wild skies have been fabulous this month.   I really am very lucky to live where I do.   I'll add some to the end of this.

The fabulous Bow Fiddle Rock at Portknockie.

This was also the month that The Shambelurklers Return was published.   I was delighted to contribute 3 stories to this little publication with all proceeds going to autistic children.   It's all thanks to the efforts of Mariti Meredith who seems to have 30 hours in ever day.  Well done that woman, and thankyou.  Jose is giving his paw of approval to aforementioned book .

These jellyfish were prolific in the harbour in the earlier part of the month.  Quite amazing looking creatures.

One of many dolphins we spotted on our boat trip.   What a wonderful day.   The boat itself was such a thrill.   It had worried me quite a bit that the boat was not that safe.   HOw wrong could I be.   It was one of those rubber dinghy type things, but they are very safe.  After all the RNLI  used them.  In fact, as we banked the waves on the way out I found it quite thrilling.   It reminded me of riding a horse across an undulating field.   Really super.  The staff at North 58 based at Findhorn, are true professionals with an abundance of knowledge on all things sea life wise.  Thankyou so much Rona and North 58, it was a very memorable day for me, and such an upbeat thing to do after all the turmoil of the referendum.

So lovely that seals turned up to say hello to Rona while she was here.   They really make you smile.   Just endearing creatures and so inquisitive.

Just one of many dramatic skies in September.

A lovely wistful sunset.

The bomb disposal boys on their way to diffuse the mine.   Well done the boys.

The beautiful Dulsie Bridge.   Really out in the middle of nowhere and yet well supported by both locals and tourists.   Well worth a visit.   Apart from the yappy dog somewhere in the distance on a farm steading!!   But wear sensible shoes as the track down to the river is quite rough with tree roots.   However my daughter made it in flip flops!!  Not to be recommended .

On a lighter note, I was inspired to write a cheeky poem after witnessing a rude old dear in the local shop. I am glad I no longer have to deal with the public on a daily basis.



What is it with old ladies,

a certain shade of grey,

who think the world belongs to them

and don’t care what they say.


I witnessed such a creature

who wore a pointed cap

she thrust the door wide open

and filled the entire gap.


“There’s naewhere fur the dug” she moaned

and gave a deathly stare

as if it was her legal right

to leave him anywhere.


The polite staff directed her,

“it’s just outside the door”

she turned and tied her dog up

then stomped across the floor.


I proceeded with my purchase

engaging in some chat,

and then a voice boomed “nae white loaf?”

and that put paid to that.


I smiled at the assistant

and raised an eyebrow too,

then left her with Miss Bossy Boots,

before the air turned blue.


I’m glad that I was courteous,

said pleased and thankyou too,

my message to Miss Bossy Boots

is, thank God I’m not like you.  :)




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