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Posted on August 18, 2015 at 9:30 AM

There are many things I should be doing, like finishing the needle felt picture I started last night, making a pom pom for a hat that I have made for a friend, sorting out all my felting wool, for that matter sorting out my knitting wool, finishing a pair of socks that are on the needles and most definitely weeding out another story to send off to a magazine.   And I will get round to all these things but not right now.

I was reminded only this morning of the bravery of one woman .   That woman was Irena Sendler. A  Polish woman who saved the lives of more than 2000 children during World War 11.  How come she has never really been given the recognition she so deserves.   Nominated for a Nobel Peace prize but not selected, yet Al Gore won one for a slide show on global warming???   I'm glad that at least she lived to a ripe old age. I hope you get time to research her story.

I've had my usual trip to Norway but unlike last year, there was no swimming in the great outdoors.   It simply rained nearly every day.   I did however meet some wonderful goats.

For some reason or other, one poor girl was getting totally bullied by the others.   They all seemed to gang up on her, but as in most walks of life there appeared to be a ringleader in the hate campaign.   I hope her day got better.

One of my favourite places near where my daughter lives is Fjaerland (a book town).   There is such an aura of tranquility about the place.   A few turfed houses at the top end of the village must surely be worth a lot of money.   It is nice to see the Hotel Mundal now open again.   I keep promising myself an overnight stop there.

The glacier en route to Fjaerland seems ot be decreasing in size, but is still spectacular.

MoFossen is also spectacular.    My daughter often walks her dogs there as it is very near to her home.

Normally we would be swimming here but not this year.,

When I told my elder granddaughter that it was too wet for the trampoline, this was her answer.   Have you ever seen anyone doing backward flips with an oilskin coat and a pair of wellies on?  No?   Neither have I.

Whatever the weather it's just nice to spend time with your family.    This year was no exception.

But then it was back to good old blighty and more rain.

But I came back to the news that Peoples' Friend are publishing one of my short stories soon, so that was a nice surprise.

I also came back to some amazing skies.

I also came across some gorgeous pigs on 17th who were enjoying a wonderful mixture of sunshine and mud.

Well it's time to get on with it and stop procrastinating on here.

There's still a lot of standing barley that waves like a gentle ocean on the breeze.   Soon the combines will be throbbing their way across acre upon acre.   It takes me back to the days of being the catcher, driving alongside, making sure I was in exactly the right place and collecting the grain as the huge yellow monster spilled out its innards.   By the time you stepped down the from the tractor late at night (or once the moisture came down, whichever came first) your skin felt itchy with tiny particles of harvested barley.   Never was a shower or bath more welcome before you flopped into bed ready to go again the next day providing the sun kept shining.    Happy days.

And finally, this old photography lark is a strange affair.  I do it because I HAVE to.  It's a bit like writing.   I do it, when something tells me I need to write about something.   It's just one of those things.   I don't care what anyone else is doing.   It's not about how expensive your camera is or what you think is the right or wrong thing to read.  

In the photography world there are two types, the ones who just wish you weren't there, ignore you, because they are infinitely better than you, (or that's what they think) and there are the friendly ones who understand your passion and share it with you.  

I mind my own business but occasionally meet a kindred spirit, that just "gets it".   I met such a person recently, just a guy minding his own business but who was willing to say hello and share a few tips without any prompting.   So refreshing.

Same goes for the writing world.   There are those who consider themselves superior, look down their noses at the likes of Dan Brown and James Patterson and claim to have only read the kind of books that would quite frankly put me to sleep.  Yet in the writing world I have met so many interesting and unique people who will be friends for life.   It's all about getting the balance and never thinking you're better than that poor person hanging on to the side of that boat who prays for a better life for himself and his terrified children.

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