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Abreast of the Times

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 9:50 AM

It’s not that often these days that something irritates me enough to have a rant about it, but here goes.

I am so fed up of self righteous looking women standing in front of a camera and banging on about it being a “woman’s right” to breastfeed in public. Who the hell cares? Women have been breastfeeding in public since time began, without all the hoo ha of the present brigade of latte quaffing, knee bouncing protesters.

Perhaps they should all go and spend a week with the truly inspirational Amanda Owen, who somehow manages to juggle bringing up 8 bairns, with herding 700 Swaledales on a remote farm in the Yorkshire Dales.

Amanda just gets up and gets on with it, usually with a child strapped to her back. I’m sure she has fed her baby in some pretty unusual places, but I’m also sure she is not in public places that often, as her life and love is in the wilds of Yorkshire.

What she has done is produce 8 delightful children who know the true values of life. I’m sure i pads and mobile phones are not in their conversation, but they work as a team, have learnt all there is to know about animal husbandry and best of all appreciate the beauty of what is all around.

I have fed all my children in some peculiar places, discreet corners, point to points in the back of a landrover, whatever. I never considered it my right and if anyone had objected, I would have simply moved.

If my postman delivered mail while I was in the throes of breastfeeding, he simply went outside and chopped some kindling or put the kettle on. Those were indeed the days, when strunting about rights and making a fuss about nothing were treated with the contempt they deserve.

But in defence of all this focus on public breastfeeding, why doesn’t the media just shut up. It’s like a stuck record. Most women, believe it or not, prefer to do this discreetly, so why make such a song and dance about it in the first place. It’s the most natural thing in the world, and anyone who truly objects, really needs to get a life.

End of rant. Feel better now.


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