A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

Just over an hour to go.

A final piece of free writing before 2006 disappears forever.  
God preserve me from old men who burp and break wind.   I have sat with my boss until he decided to head for bed.  WAs dying to leave the lounge and head for my own quarters but felt obliged to keep him company for a while.  But it is hard when the sound effects are so audible.

It's been the year I finally saw the best band in the world.  The band I have loved since I was sixteen.  The Rolling Stones.  It was a present from my youngest daughter.   It was a great evening.   This year she has given me a ticket to see Dolly Parton which will also be great.
I have come a long way this year.  Bought a new car, established a decent credit rating and got my life totally back on track.   He who shall be nameless no longer even a shadow in my life.  I hear he continues on his merry way, paying no one, getting evicted to name just a couple of things.  Thank God I am no longer a part of his circus.

I have 5 grand children now , all doing well.   Daughter NO.2 is having a dilemma with some stupid man who is trying to get her dog put down, and what for? Because he got bit in the middle of a dog skirmish.  Think on Mr. Man it aint gonna happen.   Have a conscience and get lost.!!

SAddam has gone but many more like him still around.   We continue to pollute our atmosphere, decimate the rain forests and all for what?
We have lost a great eco warrior in Steve Irwin.  I cannot watch him with dry eyes.   May his wishes all come true.
And will all the stupid women who can't even drive a four wheel drive, buy something smaller that doesn't guzzle the gas.   Or give me a break and get some mud on your wheel arches.  SAd or what?
We failed Mitrofan the bear shot by the rich guys in Russia.  What sport that was, shooting a tame bear.
And we must try to stop the polar bears becoming a thing of the past.   So much to achieve in 2007, together perhaps we might just make it.
I plan to head back north, just as soon as I can find a job, and yes, get much more out for publication.   Until next year then...


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