A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

CUPID'S ICY BOW (a little humour)



The winter wind tugged at my skirt

and whisked it round my ears,

the men upon the building site

let out resounding cheers,


I soldiered on in high-heeled boots

that gave an air of grace

but slithered  on a sheet of ice

and landed on my face.


Undaunted by such awful luck

I phoned my waiting date.

I told him that my posh heeled boots

were stuck within the grate.


I sat forlorn upon the ground

and frowned at such a muddle

and then a double decker passed

and splashed me with a puddle.


Bedraggled, wet and freezing cold

I cursed the winter weather

until a handsome copper stopped

and made me feel much better.


He took his jacket off his back

and wrapped it round my shoulders

“It’s alright luv, let’s help you up’

My heart began to smoulder.


Three score years and ten have duly passed

since we were brought together

and such a union came about

because of awful weather.


So wrap up well and soldier on,

take heart at what I say,

because Cupid might fire his bow,

upon a Winter’s day.


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