A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

Let's do something before it's too late!



Terrified little bodies,

cling to the branches

high in the rain forest trees.

E.U. money built the road

that causes their despair.


It aids the removal of plundered timber,

so that someone’s fat backside

can sit in the depth of a chair

upholstered in wood from right here.


Louder they scream

as flames burn them from the trees

they thought were their sanctuary.

Where do they go now?


Shall I leap or die?

Maybe I will die anyway.

There is no time for reason

as they flail into the unknown.


One brave man with a giant heart

tries to save them.

But what can he do against such odds?

Where does he turn for help?


The chimps did bite the hand that feeds them,

as he displays on television, one digit removed,

by teeth that knew no better,

he bears no grudge.


Through the media’s eyes

he pleads for help,

unable to forsake his little friends.

He shows the plight of those in the trees,

that are threatened by the road

built with E.U. money.


He shows shattered bodies,

orphaned babies,

and broken hearts,

clutching to man,

still able to trust.


While we sit and do nothing,

in our nice warm homes,

with fancy new furniture

made with rain forest wood.


Where will it end?

At the end of the road?

Best start right here,

don’t buy rain forest wood.


You need somewhere to sit?

Well sit anywhere,

with Norwegian pine,

not rain forest wood.


You need somewhere to dine?

Well dine anywhere

with oak, yew or ash,

not rain forest wood.


Remember those eyes,

that hide in the trees,

as they plunder the woods,

to satisfy greed,

that waits at the end of the road.



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