A selection of work written over the last couple of years.


GOLDEN MOMENT (eagle in Glen Ogle)

Soaring, silent, watching,

I only just saw you

with those unmistakeable feathered fingers


touching the wind

and inhaling the freedom

that is rightfully yours

the most majestic and handsome

creature to grace this land.


Your dark silhouette against

an open sky

was like a dramatic stage play

with you holding centre stage.


I have caught you on camera,

but only just,

there was no time for excitement

more an instant of disbelief

that I was honoured with your presence

as you soared, wings outstretched

up that silent valley,

unseen by others,

feared by many .


There can be no greater leveller

no greater comparison to be made,

forget the Prada handbags

the Gucci shoes, what are they

in comparison to you?


Can they ever compare?

Not in my mind,

but then you and I both understand

the value of freedom

for I am soaring with you

although my feet remain firmly

on the ground.


That is why as others raced by

I stopped and watched

because my heart embraced your wings

of freedom and smiled,

you and I both flying free,

you and I knowing and understanding.


Patsy Goodsir


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