A selection of work written over the last couple of years.


The confirmation girl in all her glory.
Confirmation is taken very seriously in Norway and most children between the ages of 14-15 take part.   There are several ways to do it and not all involve the church.
It is also a very expensive time.   The bunad, traditional dress costs around £4000.  No wonder they keep them for life. 

But my granddaughter conducted herself in a very adult manner throughout the day.






You create light in the darkest room,

like a sunflower that’s just come into bloom.

You stand above others with such poise and grace

and make the world a much better place.


But behind that demeanour there hides a clown,

who can demolish even the deepest frown,

a swan who can turn into Daffy Duck,

laughing and joking and chancing your luck.


One little secret we all should know

is what to keep hidden from you and so...

although drinking coffee for many is cool,

in your case it reacts like rocket fuel.


Your trampoline skills really have to be seen,

but football’s where you live the dream,

doing something you love with speed and skill,

with goals producing the ultimate thrill.


Big sister and daughter who wouldn’t be proud

to acknowledge that fact and shout it out loud,

a neck like a swan and a cute button nose,

long thick golden hair, who wouldn’t want those?


When I first came to this foreign land,

you helped me to truly understand

the meaning of love, a bond was formed,

a bond that can weather any storm.


With your poise and sweet nature you shine like a star,

yet you simply don’t know JUST HOW STUNNING you are,

please don’t ever change , your charms are unique,

without you in our lives, each day would seem bleak.





Written with much love for my granddaughter Kaya on the day of her confirmation, 10TH May, 2018.


Patsy Goodsir.







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