A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

March update/after the hols

Just back after a glorious week over in Lanzarote. Stayed in my good friend's lovely apartment which is so private, peaceful and looks straight onto the Atlantic.   Was really ready for the break after recent events.   Boss been unwell, in and out of hospital and the trauma that goes with someone being sent home before he should have been.
The trip itself turned into one of the most enjoyable experiences in recent times.  I met the most charming young man, who I hope will be a friend, always.
He spoke so much sense and filled me with a great inner calm, even though his own life has recently gone through major turmoil.   I shant name him as he is someone in the public eye.   Funny how things happen.   WE both upgraded to Club Class that day, both deciding that we owed ourselves a treat.   There were many seats in the lounge but he sat next to me and chatted.   We discovered we were heading to the same place, not only that but the same area.   Thank you young man, I shall always remember your words of encouragement.
I had a very chilled out time on the island, and ate at my favourite restaurant many times.   On the last night we ate at a lovely Polish restaurant in the Old Town Puerto Del Carmen, I highly recommend.  
The island is changing and not for the better.   Traffic going crazy, too many Brits who only want English grub etc.  Well why move to a Spanish island then?   The Sunday market up in Teguise makes me blush with embarassment just thinking about the eating habits of the British.   There is a line of awful burger and God knows what snack bars, and there they all are, filling their faces with all that total crap, and of course the sauce bottle, tomato or brown.
The market itself remains very popular.
Lots of comings and going, lots of people moving out thinking it is the promised land, only to find that they are working longer hours for less pay, and yet the property rental prices are high.
There are two kinds of people who move to any sunshine place.  Those who have worked their arses off and have made a bundle which they can then invest in property and have a sensible life, but hey ho, they still have change overs to do, pools to clean etc, unless the employ someone to do it for them, and there are the others.  The band who are on the run from something(usually debt) or someone.  They seem to think the sun will make the difference, but you know what, if you have a problem it takes more than the sun to shift it.

So holiday over, and here I am back again.   All my girls seem well as are the grand children.   I have started looking for alternative employment as this one is in a location that is totally alien to me.   Which means on days off I have to drive for more than an hour before I feel I can breathe.
Writing is in bit of a rut right now, so need to pull the finger out there.
Going to see Dolly Parton this weekend, and then off to Chichester to meet up with daughter no. 4 the following week.   It sure helps break up the weeks.   I work every weekend and take time off through the week.
Well, it's after midnight and a couple of ideas are stirring so best get them written down before they are lost in the ether of forgetfulness.


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