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AN INTRODUCTION (20th November, 2009) or Should I say update.

I am going to leave what follows as it was all true a year ago.    I have now been back in the Borders for one year, but not sure I will stay.   The Highlands still beckon.

Right now I am finding it hard to get time to write as much as I would like, but bear with me, I'm trying!!

I drive a mobile post office 3 days a week and meet a few interesting characters along the way.   I visit several villages who have had their post office closed down.   I literally bring the service to them.

One of my favourite characters merits a poem which I hope to achieve before Christmas.   A special lady, very talented who offers kindness to one cold soul on some rather driech, dreary days.   'Ralda, your coffee's great and with a doughnut it's heaven!!  But yesterday (19/11) she excelled herself and brought me a bacon roll.  Wow!!   I am going to try and keep up a postie blog.

Two other days a week I am general lackie to a very nice lady who lives in an enormous house.   All in all, it keeps me out of mischief.

I'm looking at a pile of Writing competition entries, know that I have 3 novels rattling around in my head, plus need to write a few children's stories before Christmas.  Best get on with it!!

October 2008

Hello and welcome to my website.   I haven't added many new pieces lately, too busy working my notice and packing again.

I've been here in Perthshire or Perth & Kinross as they like to call it (God knows why) for the past 13 months, but although the scenery is magnificent, it has never felt like somewhere I could lay my hat.    Plan A was a move to be near family and friends in the Highlands, near Inverness, but prices of rental property up there are crazy, so for the time being I am heading back to my roots in the Scottish borders, where I will be near one of my four daughters and my lovely grandchildren, plus lots of old schoolmates who all seem to be leading much more settled lives than me.

My only sadness on leaving this area is having to abandon my guitar lessons with a charming and talented young man who never made me feel like giving up.   I will add a piece about him either tonight or very soon.   But thankyou Don, it's been great and yes I will practise the F!!

But my journey through life continues, and I look forward to new challenges in my new little home in an idyllic Borders village.

So over the last few years, I have lived and worked in Norway, Kent and Perthshire.   All of them hold their own charms.

  The current trend to build on every postage stamp of spare land is heartbreaking and it seems to be creeping into Scotland too.  Tell me something, how the hell does anyone buy a property these days.   How does a young couple or someone like me, who has had to start again from scratch ever get on the property ladder.   House prices go up drastically but do wages?
The whole world's gone mad.  £30,000 for a beach hut?   Looks like it will be a tent for me when I retire. But hey ho, now we have the credit crunch and they are all screaming and wailing about property prices tumbling.  Hooray!!!  I say.   The whole thing had gone so over the top, it's about time prices fell. Maybe I will never retire, unless I manage to write a best seller.  But who wants to sit around and do nothing anyway?
I am grand mother to 5, and of course they are the best grand children in the world.  They are my joy and my inspiration, as are my friends and family and this fantastic country that we call home.
So here's the dream.   A wee hoosie, by the sea in the Highlands.  A few fluffy fat cats sitting purring round the fire with a golden retriever at  my feet, as I churn out a novel to set your pants on fire!!

MORE THAN THIS(for all women afraid to make that move)

I have given a copy of this poem to several women going through a bad time.  Each of them has said "My God, this could be me you're writing about."  For all those women out there.  Have faith, believe in yourself and walk out that door.   I make no apology for featuring this poem twice on this site.  If it helps just one lady get her life back, it will have been worth it.



Next time that he screams at you

and calls you an old hag,

a stuck up bitch, a selfish cow

a slapper or a bag,

just catch your breath

remind yourself,

that you’re worth more than this.


And when somebody comments

on how good you look today

just smile and then say ‘Thankyou,

how nice of you to say.’

Ignore the sulks and snide remarks

for you’re worth more than this.


When he forgets your birthday

and turns up late each night,

remember what I’ve told you

and keep your morale bright.

For one day you will recognise

that you’re worth more than this.


And when he rants and raves at you

and points his shaking finger,

just turn your back and close your eyes,

don’t think to even linger.

But keep on walking out that door

for you’re worth more than this.


And when you fully accept

that what I say is true

your confidence will re-emerge

and show you what to do.

Bid him goodbye and walk away

for you’re worth more than this.


Don’t worry that he’ll be alone

suffering a broken heart

he’ll be out there with all his charm

to find another start.

Be grateful you’ve made your escape

for you’re worth more than this.


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