A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

Silly Poem


I'm having such a battle,
in fact it seems absurd,
my lie is being hampered
by a great big lumbering bird.

I bought a plastic feeder
and filled it up with seed
in no time it was busy
fulfilling all the needs

of pretty little blue tits
and yellow hammers too
who swing and peck and flutter
all having quite a do.

But Strange things started happening
the seed just disappeared
there was a robber somewhere
at least that's what I feared.

And then one day I caught him
this great big hulking lump
he leapt upon the windowsill
and landed such a thump

His head butt was quite expert
delivered with such force
his scarlet mask enhanced him
a handsome bird of course.

The feeder shattered open
seed scattered everywhere
and Jock the wayward pheasant
grabbed more than his fair share.

But I plan to outfox him
I've bought one twice as strong
it's made of shiny metal
I hope I'm not proved wrong.


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