A selection of work written over the last couple of years.



                        INNOCENT EYES



What do I say to innocent eyes,

when they look up at me,

asking ‘What do they mean by a nuclear attack,

is it something I can see?’


How do I shield her from evil unknown,

where can we go that is minus,

fanatical groups, filled with venom and hate,

with only her loved ones beside us?


What can I promise to protect her mind,

from worries and fears creeping in?

Help me to make this small girl’s world complete,

Help me to free it from sin.


Innocence nurtures a questioning voice,

Innocence lets her have sleep,

uninterrupted by worrying thoughts,

which I must endeavour to keep.


Far, far away in the pit of my heart,

far, far away from this child,

let us join hands in a prayer for our young,

so that we are reconciled.


If we don’t correct all the bad things around,

what future is there for us all,

why can’t we stop wanting more all the time,

why do we not hear the call.


The call has gone out to protect all our souls,

to listen, and look all around,

for if we don’t heed all the warnings,

there soon won’t be time to compound.


These innocent eyes must not fill with tears,

of sadness for childhood destroyed,

by the whims of  greedy and evil mankind,

whose armourments must be deployed.


I cuddle her now in the warmth of my breast,

as she closes her eyes and drifts off,

to a land filled with peace and a bright shining light

and the white gleaming wings of a dove.




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