A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

SECRET PROMISES (Published in Winter Edition of Countryside Tales)



Dew kissed grasses moisten freeze-dried lips,

as thick coats discard to earth

recycled by beaks with intricate skills

working busily in flourishing hedges.


Violets, blues, yellows and pinks

rejuvenate a dreary palette accentuated

by reawakening greenness,

that sways in an air of optimism


Tuxedoed magpies chitter chatter,

strutting their stuff with a Travolta stride,

bullying flapping feathers

who threaten centre stage.


Yellow dusters shaken from open windows,

salute the welcome golden rays

that reveal unnoticed dust,

as mowers devour new growth

with their monotonous hum.


Shelved projects now seem possible,

as the gloom of long dark days,

is eclipsed from downtrodden hearts,

who smile easier at those who irritate

and disturb their inner peace.


Tight buds of hidden colour,

make secret promises to stun us 

once the warmth of sunshine cajoles

their petals to open and inspire

while we  applaude the peony

for her flirtatious dance.


Empty fields re-fill with powder puffs of leaping energy

watched by bleating mothers who munch on succulent pasture

as skittish heels fly round and round,

rejoicing in life, too good to be true.


Birdsong wakens us from slumber

while golden rays caress upturned faces,

with eyes closed as they listen to Nature’s song

beneath a backdrop of baby blue

with fine meshed clouds,

floating effortlessly into nowhere

as hordes of flapping wings,

return from faraway places.








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