A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

Poem about My Beloved Bothy



Only a whisper from the sea

hidden by knife-sharp sand dunes

lies a redundant Geisha,

her porcelain skin, faded now,

has stood against the ravages of

a thousand climatic tantrums,

as cosseted within her, leather skinned fishermen

closed wearied eyes relishing an evening’s slumber,

on sturdy, varnished bunks.


Oiled sweaters on muscled backs

leaned against her sparkling walls,

next to an open door that always offered a

scarlet lipped smile, as the chore

of mending nets began.


Pipes knocked out on a weathered bench and clenched

between tarnished teeth, puffed tobacco wisps

that snaked into the waving sea grass,

home to busy terns screeching ridiculous warnings

to comrades on the shingle.


Just memories now, she stands alone,

mourning times when she was not only sacred but cherished.

Salty tears tumble down her faded skin,

she dreams of Prince Charming’s kiss,

when life may again breathe through her.

She still has much to offer those who

discover her and confess their love.


Until then she sleeps.



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