A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

The Dress Rehearsal



Our eyes barely met when I took him

to Gate 4, and left him

with a frozen kiss before walking away

without a backward glance.


I only remember those ice cold lips,

no warmth, no tears, no feeling,

except one of relief

that  my persecutor was gone.


My step became lighter,

no need to worry about dark moods,

sulks, and sudden outbursts of rage

that struck like a cobra.


Leaving me to wince away

wondering what on earth had I done

to fuel  such rage, when all I ever did

was love him.


And in the morning light

on a dust kissed veranda

I knew I could not stay,

and live a lie.


How it came to this

simply didn’t matter any more,

for reality took her bow

and left me to audition for the real world,


knowing that there would be no curtain call

of unconditional love,

for it had whisked its way up into the Gods

and left the building.


But waiting in the wings

was the promise of a better life,

and the welcome that only those

who truly know how to love can give.






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