A selection of work written over the last couple of years.

Yellow Bird. spotlighted in Writelink Arena




There was no lush, green grass

in that foreign land,

no blackbird trilling,

just scorched earth

and the shrill of a canary

trapped in a wicker cage

that hung outside

a neighbouring finca.


I was luckier than him

when one April morning

I found the courage 

to fly away,

leaving behind an island

of shattered dreams.


I fled to a country

of verdant wealth, ice blue fjords

and crisp, clean air,

where magpies strutted

and squabbled beneath

abundant, wavering Silver Birch,

that overlooked a shimmering lake

carrying the mountains’ whispers.


And in the blink of spring time,

amidst the chatter of tiny people

I rediscovered peace and happiness

and thought of that little yellow bird,

still trapped in his cage.



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