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19TH JUNE, 2011

I didn't date the last "moving " entry but hey ho, I've moved again.   This time outwith the village that has been home for the last couple of years.   Back in the country which suits me well.   But if I'm being honest I still want to get back up north.   I've outgrown this area.   I prefer the scenery of the highlands and much more going on in general.   Only bonus here is some of my grandchildren but they will soon be up and fly the nest and then what.
I moved here on March 1st.  Not the best or most exciting way to spend my birthday!! But I compensated by going north for the rest of the week.
I'm also down to one job instead of two which is giving me more time to write.
So yet again, watch this space.   I'm going to try and insert a photo of my little feathered friends but this might fail miserably so here goes...

He really is the cutest little thing.  Never bats an eyelid when I am at my laptop.  Excuse the scruffy window.  I'll blame the birds!!

I keep saying the next time I move it will be my last, but somehow I don't think I am done yet.  But what a performance it all is.   It's that moment when you sit completely jaded and exhausted and look around you at the silly things like the odd pair of socks sitting on the bedside locker, the note pads everywhere, the lipsticks, the nail varnish, the cellotape, the things for upstairs that are downstairs and vice versa and then it hits.  Blimey, all of this needs to go somewhere, into some box or whatever before removal day.   OH how good it must be to be able to afford removal men.   However I am becoming quite adept at all this moving lark.   Best thing I have done in years is buy lots of collapsible boxes from Tescos.  They aint that big but they stack neatly, and when you get to the other end of the journey they fold away.(until next time)

Everyone keeps saying (do you think you will settle here).  Well the answer to that one is "Yes, if I can find enough work to pay my bills."   If not then it will be a definite move further north where work is more forthcoming.   Failing that it will  be back into private service yet again.   But I will give it my best shot, enjoy Christmas with my family and hope that by then work is flowing in my door.

It is nice being back in an area where I am known, where faces keep appearing, saying "Hiya, I remember you from school..."

And oh the joy of quieter roads.  How I detest heavy traffic, particularly when it isn't going anywhere.

So watch this space.   I may be here for a few years, but it might be a few months.  Who knows, I sure as hell don't.


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